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Cocopeat Description
Cocopeat also called as Coir dust or Coir pith is a soft spongy granular material present in the Coconut Husk, the outer mesocarp covering the Coconut. This is obtained as a by product during the process of fibre extraction from Coconut husks. This is a fluffy brown colour material, which binds the fibres in the Coconut husk. Due to its high water holding capacity (WHC) and air filled porosity (AFP) it has found wide acceptance as a growing medium in the horticulture and the floriculture industry
About Royal Multitek Solutions
Royal Multitek Solutions Pvt.Ltd is a company engaged in the manufacture of Cocopeat based growing medium. The company is one of the leading exporters of Cocopeat from INDIA with a volume of 25 FEU's/month. The company has production facilities in 6 locations in Tamil Nadu state (South India).
The company has state of the art facilities in terms of Production, machinery and quality control laboratory. The factory is situted in an area of 18 acres with buildings over 15,000 Sq ft.Washing platform cover an area of 5,000 Sqft. The plant has wet laid out stone paved drying yards for 50,000 Sqft. The unit has perennial supply of good quality water with water storage facilities for over 6 lakh litres.
The Process route is selected in such a way that the basic Properties of Cocopeat are preserved and it is environment friendly. From storage to handling all the operations are carried out on concrete floors making the product clean of weed seeds and other impurities. The company follows the RHP quality assurance system.