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Coco Peat processing involves 5 steps
   1. Storage

The coir pith is collected from selected fibre extraction units and transported to the factory for storage. The coir pith is stored for over a period of time depending on the process.
   2. Washing

The coir pith is washed with fresh water in the washing platform specifically designed for this purpose. The washing platform will be designed in such a way, that both sides will be lower than the middle portion of the platform so that the water poured on the coir pith will drain through the slopes automatically.
Washing is done to remove the soluble salts and tannins present in the coir pith so that the EC level can be brought down. Special treatment methods are adopted for specific grades. After washing it will be tested for pH and EC levels and only after obtaining the required levels the washed coir pith should be sent for drying.

   3. Drying

椰After washing the coir pith with fresh water thoroughly, it will be transferred to the drying yard for sun drying. Utmost care should be taken during this process to avoid contamination by weed and seeds. The drying yard should have compound walls as wind barrier on all the sides. The drying and block making should be done at optimum conditions to prevent particle damage and also to achieve maximum volume during expansion. The drying will take place 1 to 2 days depends on the climatic conditions.

   4. Sieving

Sieving is done to reduce the fibre length to optimum size and to eliminate any unwanted impurities. Depends on the fibre size the water holding capacities will vary.

   5. Compaction

Completely washed, dried and sieved coir pith is compressed using the compacting machinery according to various compressing ratios and sizes. The sizes vary depends on the specific requirements and depends on the usage. Normally the coir pith blocks are compressed at 5:1 or 3:1 basis.